PDX Pix - December 2013


Three months!  Looking bigger already.

Santa costume.  Hated it.  Tried to eat beard constantly.  

Helping to cook.  

Dinner with friends!  The table is more full than it once was.

A lot has happened since that snowy Cape Cod Christmas!

Our tree.

Cold snap in Oregon.  We had about 10 days straight of sub-freezing temps!

Christmukkah at the Cram's.  Here's our gingerbread house creation.

Oscar likes to sit at the table with someone to see what's going on.

Baby's first airplane adventure!  I was thinking the same thing as him (facepalm).  Fortunately he did wonderfully and even managed to hang in there for a long-delayed return trip.

In Chatham.

With Aunt W and Cousin C.

The train display at the Chatham Bars Inn

And of course Lighthouse Beach.  Brrrr!  But beautiful as always.

Rattle ball became one of our favorite toys, as Oscar started to learn to grab things and try to stuff them in his mouth.

Turkeys in my parents yard just after Christmas.

Brewery tour at Cape Cod Beer!  Oscar wanted something to taste to not feel left out.

Chicago-Portland...  finally.  He did great and we all made it home and felt lucky to not be stuck in Boston or Chicago with the weather that soon followed.


PDX Pix - November 2013

November: 2 months, fun in the bathtub, smiles, Seattle for Thanksgiving with the whole family, visiting Steve, Sarah, and Calvin in Seattle.



PDX Pix - October 2013

October:  Parents visits, rainy walks, fall foliage, baseball playoffs, and lots of cute Oscar faces.  I promise the subject matter diversity will increase as we get back towards current here...